Billion ★ Dollar ★ Start-Up ★

Billion Dollar Start-Up

Billion Dollar Start-Up is the story of how two 29-year-old brothers-in-law took a $35,000 investment and turned it into a billion-dollar cannabis company in five years.

Available in stores and online February 2, 2021


From early roadblocks and devastating personal and financial setbacks to explosive growth and some of the biggest cannabis deals in global history, Billion Dollar Start-Up not only recounts the HEXO story but the history of Canada’s momentous road to legalization.

In this part fast-paced memoir, part high-octane business book, writer and journalist Julie Beun gives us an intimate look at the life of a start-up and the ferocious entrepreneurial drive it takes to succeed – written in real time, as the story unfolded. As HEXO’s founding publicist, corporate storyteller and marketing communications consultant, she had a front row seat to the high highs and the low lows – and took notes at every development.

Throughout history, there have been fewer than 100 Canadians who have started a company and lived to see it become worth one billion dollars. Adam Miron and Sébastien St-Louis are two of them. This is their story.